New Generation Nikkei Fund

Grant Application FY 14-15

About NGNF

Founded in 2013 by a group of ten young adults and professionals of the Japantown community, the New Generation Nikkei Fund (NGNF) is a giving circle building a new generation of donors to support and sustain Japanese American and Asian American nonprofit community organizations. The “New” generation and its growing diversity within the Japantown community are represented by over 200 Donors, and nine Members from San Francisco (Members: Ryan Kimura, Haruka Roudebush, Kiyomi Tanaka), San Jose (Members: Ellen Kamei, Matt Ogawa, Tamiko Rast), and Los Angeles (Members: Kim Kawasaki, Sean Miura, Stacy Toyota).

Mission: As envisioned by the next generation of stakeholders of the Japanese American community, the New Generation Nikkei Fund (NGNF) strives to:
  • Create a culture of giving and volunteerism among young adults and professionals
  • Enhance collaboration and communication between communities
  • Sustain nonprofit organizations with grants and a new generation of donors

NGNF is a member of the AAPIP National Network of Giving Circles and is fiscally hosted by the Tides Foundation

About the Grant

NGNF seeks nonprofit organizations engaging in innovative and/or nontraditional projects that meet the needs and interests of the new generation, their future families, and the sustainability of their communities. The priorities for the 2014-15 cycle are as follows:
First Priority
  • Organizations physically located in any one of San Francisco's Japantown, San Jose's Japantown, or Los Angeles' Little Tokyo
  • Projects serving a population that is majority (51%) Japanese/Japanese American
Second Priority
  • Organizations located in any Japanese/Japanese American community neighborhood in California
  • Projects serving a population that is majority (51%) Asian/Asian American
Allocation of 50% of funds will be determined by NGNF Donor votes and the remaining 50% through a consensus-based discussion by NGNF Members. NGNF has over 200 Donors and nine Members. Awarded organizations will receive up to $5,000 or a minimum of $2,500 in funds. A minimum of two organizations from separate regions in California will be funded.

NGNF Members will have access to your full application. NGNF Donors will have access to key sections noted with an asterisk in the Application Form. Applicants are encouraged to provide clear and concise responses particularly for these sections.
  • Applicant must be tax-exempt with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Fiscal sponsors are also accepted.
  • The grant period is from March 1 through November 15, 2015. Your proposed project must take place within this period. Award announcement made in February 2015.
  • Application must be submitted via webform no later than Tuesday, December 23, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. All sections must be completed in the Application Form including all fields in Organizational Information, Project Information and Project Budget and Notes.
  • Optional smart-phone recorded video may be uploaded to the NGNF Facebook Page at The video must clearly demonstrate how the funds will be used. Video must be no more than one minute in length.

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