Ellen kamei sj
Ellen Kamei
San Jose
Kim kawasaki la
Kim Kawasaki
Los Angeles
Ryan kimura sf
Ryan Kimura
San Francisco

Sean miura la
Sean Miura
Los Angeles
Matt ogawa sj
Matt Ogawa
San Jose
Tamiko rast sj
Tamiko Rast
San Jose

Haruka roudebush sf
Haruka Roudebush
San Francisco
Kiyomi tanaka sf
Kiyomi Tanaka
San Francisco
Stacy toyota la
Stacy Toyota
Los Angeles

Our Members

Our nine NGNF Members are collectively responsible for fundraising, including seeking out donors, creating the shortlist of organizational applicants, overseeing the voting process, and making financial allocation determinations. All Member decisions, including allocations, are on a consensus basis.

Member Voting

After Donor Voting takes place to determine 50% of NGNF funds, all 9 Members will review applications to determine the distribution of the remaining 50% of NGNF Funds using the following evaluation criteria:

Important Dates