Envisioned by the new generation of leaders of the Japanese American community, NGNF strives to...
  • Build a new generation of Japanese American and Asian American philanthropists through a culture of giving
  • Enhance collaboration and communication across Japantowns and Nikkei communities at large
  • Sustain community-based organizations with a grant(s) and a new generation of donors

NGNF is a member of the AAPIP National Giving Circle Network and is fiscally hosted by the Tides Foundation.

Our Leadership Structure

NGNF is composed of 9 Members, all with separate Japantown organizational affiliations within California (San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles). Members are collectively responsible for fundraising, including seeking out donors, creating the shortlist of organizational applicants, overseeing the voting process, and making financial allocation determinations. All Member decisions, including allocations, are on a consensus basis.

The main objective of our decision-making process is to optimize accountability, transparency, and fairness. The major focus is that Donors and Members have an equal say in allocation decisions. NGNF Members are required to target donors - many of them young professionals - who do not yet give to Japantown organizations and/or are relatively unfamiliar with these issue areas. A primary benchmark for progress is the creation of a sustainable, fair system of giving that is mainly donor-driven and independent of NGNF Member affiliation.

How it works

50% of NGNF funding distribution is determined by Donors.  The remaining 50% is determined by Members.
  • Donor Recruitment: April 1 - October 15, 2018
  • Application Available for Organizations: August 1 - September 30, 2018 (deadline)
  • Donor Voting: November 1 - 21, 2018
  • Funding Announcements: February, 2019

2018 ngnf group photo

Important Dates


Send us an email at ngnf.donors@gmail.com or like us on Facebook.