Make a Difference

Help us continue our work in the community.

Donate with Match – donation will at least be doubled (great for NGNF!), but no official acknowledgment letter for tax deduction.

Please select NGNF as the fund recipient. Donation without Match – donation will not be matched, but an official acknowledgment letter from Tides Foundation will be sent for tax deduction.


5 Benefits to becoming a donor

  1. Donors will be able to vote on which organization should receive NGNF funding.

  2. Donors will be able to refer organizations to apply for NGNF funding.

  3. Donors will receive a match for their gift or donations will be tax deductible.

  4. Donors will be acknowledged via the NGNF Facebook page and website.

  5. Donors will be part of the NGNF movement to build a new generation of philanthropists for our community.


Donors who give a minimum of $25 or more qualify for one vote at one time for the funding cycle. In November, qualifying donors will receive a ballot via email with a listing of applying organizations and have one opportunity to vote on their most preferred organization and project. Other than meeting the $25 minimum, the right to vote is not tied to donation amount; all donors are allowed one vote each.