FY 2017-2018 REPORT: 400 DONORS & $10K GRANTED

Year four: Making a difference.


For our fourth year of allocation meetings, the team met in San Jose's Japantown at the Akiyama Wellness Center to vote on which of the 17 applying organizations would receive funding.


San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin

Junior YBA Summer Program

Congratulations to our grantee, voted in by our members is San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin's Jr. YBA for a grant in the amount of $2,500 towards their summer youth program! The Jr. YBA will be using their grant from NGNF to build upon a pilot program that implements leadership, community and cultural workshops to learn about and continue their involvement with the Japanese American community; for students to continue to grow, thrive in, and give back to San Jose Japantown.


Japantown Community Congress (JCCsj)

Japantown Prepared!

Voted in by our donors is the Japantown Community Congress of San Jose in the amount of $2,500 towards Japantown Prepared! JCCsj will be using NGNF grant funds towards bringing awareness to and preparing for disasters. Funds will be used to purchase community disaster supplies for San Jose Japantown and help prepare Japanese American and Asian American households to care for themselves and their community, enhance collaboration and sustain preparedness into the future.


Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

Scavenger Hunt

Voted in by members is the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival's Scavenger Hunt program! NGNF is honored to recognize the continued work of Sakura Matsuri and are proud to award a grant in the amount of $2,000, which will cover the expenses for the scavenger hunt mobile app, as well as marketing materials and supplies to increase visibility of the program during the festival. Be sure to download the GooseChase app and get ready to join the festivities!


San Jose Taiko

Project: Echoes into the Future

Congratulations to our returning grantee, voted in by our donors is San Jose Taiko! San Jose Taiko was one of our very first grantees from 2014-15 and we are happy to continue recognizing their valuable work supporting artists and the San Jose Japantown community with a grant in the amount of $2,000. NGNF grant funds will be used toward their program, Echoes into the Future, which are collaborative works and performances with traditional Middle Eastern percussionist Loay Dahbour, which compares experiences of Japanese Americans during WWII and Muslim Americans post 9/11.



Project: When I'm in Jtown Children's Book

Congratulations to a returning grantee, voted in by both members and donors, is Kizuna, based in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo! NGNF is honored to present Kizuna with a grant in the amount of $1,000 toward start-up production costs for their children's book, When I'm in J-Town, which introduces and explores sights, sounds and tastes in all three Japantowns in California. Thanks to Kizuna for enhancing collaboration and communication between our Japantown communities!


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